What Happens When the Only Way to Do What’s Right
 is Do Everything That’s Wrong?
A Thieving Pursuit is a pulse-pounding cross between True Romance and Natural Born Killers. Everything in Max’s life has gone wrong. After a series of tragedies, Max has a shattered family, a mountain of debt, and a sister who will never be whole again. Seeing no way out, Max tries to rob a liquor store only to have the entire heist go completely wrong. But, that’s where Max meets her. Jenny is everything Max could want in a lover, except Max isn’t looking for love. He’s just trying to survive and take care of his sister. That and Max just kidnapped Jenny at gunpoint. The mysterious and beautiful Jenny isn’t afraid of Max. She seems to see something in him. But as the law begins to close in on them, will their love be enough to save them, or will their feelings doom them? Stolen takes you on a wild ride through greed, lust, desperation, and love. Down to the last page it’s never clear which emotion will win out. Find out what happens to Max and Jenny. What does fate have in store for these confused and desperate lovers?

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Very good read. Was detailed and engaging, I enjoyed the fact
 that it was very relatable. Quick read I would definitely recommend 
it to others and I look forward to reading more of this author's work! ~ Jessican Gural

An entertaining short read, perfect for the several hour flight I took last week. Well written and detailed enough that it kept me wrapped up in the storyline and action without being overly descriptive and dragging the narrative. This is a version of a 'love story' that would keep my boyfriend and other male friend's interest as it doesn't get drippy nor does it delve into the minutia of Jenny's character that would cause it to be more of a romance than an action story. What's next Mr. London?  ~Miss S

This was a great read. It isn't very long, but you don't want to put it down. I was able to read it in one day. I enjoyed the character development and the intriguing and suspenseful plot. I hope there is another one!  ~Margaret Imperial

This story shows the struggle of a good man who was put in a terrible situation and the extreme measures he takes to take care of his sister. I thoroughly enjoyed the modern day Bonnie and Clyde love story in this story as well. Very entertaining and could not put it down! I am intrigued by J.P London's mind and cannot wait for his next novel! ~Tiny Tee

Thoroughly enjoyed reading Stolen. The character development was there for most characters - which is what kept me reading on. Max is a very engaging individual that is easy to relate to. Real life situations mixed with a bit of drama. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some adventure in there everyday life. Look forward to seeing more novels by J.P. ~Jaclyn Carrano

This was a great story idea...it was a quick read if you're looking to pass the time with a Bonnie and Clyde love type story. Look forward to seeing what this writer comes up with in the future. I am very hard on authors as I read a lot and feel like so many stories get recycled. This was not one of those. ~Missy Wolfe

J.P. London a New Jersey born and raised author. His writing influences include Steven King, Chuck Palahniuk, Charles Bukowski and Edgar Allen Poe. Most of his stories take place in or around New Jersey and tend to touch on social issues with a dash of illegal activity. The author’s books generally involve normal people who are pushed to one extreme or another by various issues and antagonists. On the other side of the page, J. P. London is a part time writer, caffeine enthusiast and avid daydreamer. As a full time occupation, he is a successful entrepreneur owning and operating several companies, mostly in the finance or investment field. He has previously written a nonfiction business book that was a best seller on Amazon before discovering a love of fictional writing.